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Kevin Lococo (Lead Investigator)

Kevin has studied the paranormal for years. He has been investigating the paranormal for about 15 years, as part of a group for over 4 years. Prior to starting Pitch Paranormal, with Josh Sweat, he had done numerous investigations at battlefields, cemeteries, etc. He is constantly pursuing further knowledge of the paranormal and occult field.

Jean Gird (Case Manager, Investigator)

Jeannie is a valuable asset to the group. She is a sensitive with great "people skills." Her intuition has shown to correspond with more conventional evidence.

Jody Holder (Researcher, Investigator)

Investigator Standards and Guidelines


1. Must be at least 18 years old

2. Must be willing to submit to a background check

3. Must be willing to buy some personal equipment when financially able (such as voice recorder, basic emf detector, etc.)

4. Should be committed to continually educate themselves in the paranormal fields, wherever their interests lead them. This should assure a wide variety of knowledge and viewpoints.

5. Investigators must be of "good character"


1. No trespassing (always stay within the law)

2.Always show respect for the client and/or investigation site.

3.Respect the dead

4. Provoke only when the situation calls for it

5.Never whisper on an investigation

6.Be careful not to wear perfumes, colognes, deodorants, etc. with a noticeable smell

7. Never smoke on site (leave the investigation area if necessary)

8. No drugs or alcohol in your system during an investigation

9. Always tag all noises for audio recordings

10.Try to collect as much evidence as possible with more than one method

11.Try to "debunk" any claims made (go with the more rational explanation)

12. Never disclose anything about possible activity, to the client, until all evidence has been reviewed.

13.When investigating for a client, remember the ultimate goal is to help the client.