Alexander Hamilton Memorial Library Waynesboro, PA Nov. 2016, Aug. 2017

The original home, which is now part the library, was built in 1814. It was bought in 1841 by Alexander Hamilton. His descendants donated the building to become a library. We were contacted by the library due to reports, by many people, of activity they couldn't explain. The reported activity included footstep when nobody was present, books falling off shelves, and even a sighting of a figure. After two investigations we were unable to substantiate any of these particular reports. However, we caught numerous evps, including intelligent answers, and were able to experience many things we could not explain. We believe there to be at least one male entity present, as well as the possibility of more.

Chambersburg Masonic Temple  Oct. 2011

This was a very interesting location. The history of the building goes back to 1823. It was one of very few buildings to survive the burning of Chambersburg. In spite of the history we found few signs and no proof of paranormal activity.

Weistling Hall Penn State Mont Alto

Weistling Hall has a history of paranormal reports going back over 100 years. Its was first built in the early 1800's. Investigators present were Josh, Kevin, Mike, Tracy, Carl, Wendy, and Chrissy. Our night started a little unpleasantly with a sewage leak in the basement we discovered. It soon got very interesting, once we entered the attic, Kevin was touched on the leg on the front steps. Josh was called over and he was touched on the shoulder. This was followed by a third touch on request. Luckily a voice recorder was rolling at the time and several EVPs were caught at the time. They were both male and female voices. Mike also had some luck with his flashlight turning off on request.

Gettysburg Battlefield & old pioneer cemetery

This was a spur of the moment investigation. The plan was to go to McPherson's woods in Gettysburg. It was just Josh and Kevin on this one. We started out at McPherson's woods in the "first day" area of the battlefield. It went well with shadowy movements, a few strange pics, and a long EVP. Next we went to Culp's Hill. Our very first attempt at a pic had ribbon shaped lights and orbs which were observed with the naked eye in the flash. We then drove by Sach's Bridge, noticing about 10- 15 cars there, we moved on. We decided to check out an old cemetery in area where strange sick feelings were noticed during a geocaching trip last summer. We noticed some strange feelings, and picked up a some great EVPs. This cemetery seems to have some heavy feeling energies for some reason. This could be due to one of the most locally famous of it's "residents" being dug up and re-interred at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Chambersburg Moose

This was an investigation into strange noises and shadow sightings at a local club. Josh, Kevin, and Mike were the investigators present. We got a late start on this one due to the business staying open late. The majority of the reports were from the kitchen area. This posed a problem due to the noise of the different appliances. In spite of all this we did find some evidence.

Old Franklin County Jail

The Old Franklin County Jail was In operation from about 1818- 1970s. It is a wonderful old building with 2 sections. The front part is the older original area. The rear cell blocks were built in the 1880's. During our investigation we found that most, if not all, of the activity was confined to the older area. Specifically one cell in the dungeon, the old medical treatment room (which is set up as an old apothecary now), and the attic. There were several evps caught, some of which are in response to questions. We would love to return with a more targeted investigation.

Troy Hill Cemetery

This is an old small cemetery near the Clearfield/ Centre County line. I ran across it last summer and wanted to go back at night since. I finally got my chance so armed with just a digital camera and a flashlight, me and my brother-in-law went. I got some pretty good pictures and a feel for the place. One particular circle of trees caught our attention for some reason. There were no visible graves in this area, but the ground was covered in snow. We had to throw out numerous mist photos due to the cold air. I'll recheck this one when it's warm outside. Finally made it back saw more lights and shadows lurking around, and caught one pretty good class B evp which seems to be a direct response to a question.

Cat House

This investigation started as our training ground and surprisingly it turned out to have some pretty intense activity. The lady who had lived in the house, had some mental problems and was not well liked in the neighborhood. She had an extreme hoarding problem and owned a large number of cats. When she died it took a long time until she was found. The house was in such bad shape, the current owner has had to "gut" the house and start from scratch. We had no prior reports of paranormal activity, but knowing the full story of the house, thought it would be a great candidate for a haunting. We recorded many evps and experienced answering knocks. There were also unexplained footsteps.

private residences

We have done many private residences. We keep these investigations private to protect the homeowners.