Here are some examples of the evidence we have caught in various locations.

Alexander Hamilton Memorial Library

This one appears to be answering our conversation with a "no." I'd call it class A. There is also a second class B earlier in the recording

AHML2 childrens 3 g

Not quite sure what this one says making it a class B evp

AHML2 childrens 4 g

I hear 2 different evps. One sounds like a female offering a hand. The second sounds like a male laugh.

AHML2 newbasement g

These knocks were unheard at the time , but it seems like they might be saying "here I am." The recorder was 20 feet away across the room in the attic.

attic 3 knocks (unheard)

I am unsure of this one. It sounds very mechanical, but at the time, it was heard by multiple people who all agreed on the spot it came from. There was no mechanical source for the noise that we could locate.

children's area breath or mechanical noise

Not technically an evp, since they are not heard. It would be considered a disembodied voice. This was during a spirit box session. The voice did not come from the equipment though.

children's area vocal noise


The ethics of investigating cemeteries is debatable. My personal policy is to go only if the occupant of the newest grave would be unlikely to have any living loved ones.

This was caught during an outing at a local historic cemetery.

Rocky Springs Cem evp1

This was captured at another local historic cemetery.

cant read

Cat House

Here are just a couple of the recordings we picked up at this location. We were lucky enough to have this place as a residential investigation training ground for some time.

3 knocks
female moan

St. Alban's Asylum

This wasn't a CVPS investigation. It was a guided ghost hunt which followed a TAPS Academy investigator education seminar. 

evp1 1stflr1
Evp9 bowling alley