What you can do if you're experiencing a haunting

The most important thing to know is that you are not crazy. People experience paranormal activity quite often. We know these things are real. Many times people experience things that they mistake for paranormal activity, such as strange sounds or a play of the light. This doesn't make you crazy either, it makes you normal. If you are experiencing activity which disrupts your life, in some way, many times what works is reclaiming your house. Make clear to the entity that this is your house. You live here now. Let them know what they can or can't do. At times this has been known to lessen the activity. Most spirits in a house used to be people and some can be reasoned with. If this doesn't work you can contact us. We will always do what we can to help. If it's something we can't deal with we'll work to find someone who can.

 - Kevin


We catch a lot of photos of orbs in our investigations. The fact is that these orbs can be easily recreated with dust and water droplets, so that eliminates them for use as true "evidence." We also know that there are orbs which are not dust. They seem to be some sort of energy associated with paranormal activity. Occasionally we catch these by seeing them with the naked eye in the flash of a camera, while they show up in the picture.These are used as an investigative tool to know when activity may be happening or about to happen.



I have been investigating the battlefield in Gettysburg since about 1999. For the first few years, I could actually go there at night and almost be alone, but with the onset of the paranormal "craze" that's not even remotely possible anymore. The most common phenomena seem to be light anomalies. Not just orbs but all different shapes. None of this points to proof of intelligent haunting. Most of the other evidence I have collected and seen seems to point to an abundance of residual energy. I wonder, at times, how much of this energy is from the battle, and how much is from tourists recreating the battle in their minds. Although, with the number of tragic deaths on the site, it seems likely there would be some intelligent spirits. I'll keep the search going when I'm not busy with other paranormal endeavors.



We consider evps to be great evidence. Evps (electronic voice phenomona) are picked up by digital recorders sometimes in response to questions. They are disembodied voices, which were not heard at the time, with no obvious source. These are by far the most common type of evidence we collect.